Incident Handling, Apa dan Bagaimana Menangani Incident Security di Organisasi – E25

Guest: IGN Mantra – Cyber Security Senior Trainer, Praktisi dan Peneliti.

Cyber Security Strategist with 20+ years experience in CyberSecurity
About the Author
Faisal has two decades of progressive leadership experience in Cyber Security and Enterprise Architecture. Playing an integral role in spearheading all Integration of IS/IT, IT Infosec Strategy, Security Technology Roadmaps, CyberSecurity Architecture, Incident Response Team, and Red/Blue Teaming (cross functional team leadership – Purple teaming). Proven role model, Virtual CISO, and an engineering mentor, including university post-graduate lecturer. Engaged with the Asian IT communities, actively researching, speaking and advocating for better Cybersecurity. Apart from coaching the next generation leaders, Faisal actively engages with the IT communities within the region, giving time on researching, speaking at public conferences and advocating on better Cybersecurity practices and defining improvements in the Information Security space.
1 comment on “Incident Handling, Apa dan Bagaimana Menangani Incident Security di Organisasi – E25
  1. Abdul Azis says:

    Selamat Pagi, pak Yahya. Saya salah satu pendengar yang sering nimbrung di bincang cyber hehe, mohon izin pak untuk menyadur podcast kali ini untuk saya jadikan materi webinar yang akan saya bawakan di perusahaan saya. Terimakasih

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